Hello beautiful!

I’m Ariella Boczniewicz and I dare you to pronounce that, haha! I hold three very important titles.

I am a Mother, a Wife, and a Business Owner/Operator. Being a Mother and a Wife is a privilege. It is who I am and what I live for when I am not working. Work is a huge part of my life, and believe it or not, if I was presented with the opportunity to become a stay at home mother, I would pass it up. Yup, I would. It is simple– work makes me a better person, a more confident mother and wife, but above all, it identifies me. It gives me a purpose, outside of my family. It gives me an opportunity to really make a difference in someone’s life.

I started an on-location Bridal Hair & Makeup Industry business in early 2012 that focused on offering convenience to brides and their bridal parties. I started out as a one-woman show, just offering hair services. As time passed, and I became more comfortable with the industry and its endless opportunities, I decided to expand and add makeup services as well. My lifelong passion for styling hair has turned into a business in which I now manage a team of professionals.

While “playing with hair” all day doesn’t seem so much like a job, all the steps I took, and continue to take are far more technical then one could perhaps imagine. I strongly believe that a successful business in this industry requires far more than artistic skills. A thriving business entails the proper foundation, material, and continuous maintenance.

Through my experience, knowledge, and practice, I am so eager to share my methods, secrets, and approach to a successful bridal business that translates into more bookings, referrals, and cash flow!