Running a business is hard work! To say being a Momma, AND a business owner is even harder, is a true understatement.

Both however are very similar, in regards to their needs. Both of which need love, attention, consistent nature, and patience. And yes, both will test you; test your limits and abilities.

I’ve been a Momma for these last 14 months and WOW, NOONE could have prepared me for what was to come.

First and foremost: Holy shit, I had SOOOOO much time on my hands prior to my son’s birth. If only I knew all the things that I could have accomplished in a quarter of the time. Who would have known!?

I owned and operated my on-site bridal hair & makeup business well before I had my son, which was incredibly helpful when transitioning into motherhood. I am grateful that I started my company at 22 years old, so I truly had the time to build it to where I wanted.

During full swing wedding season it is extremely demanding for both me and my team. Weekends are pretty much non-existent. Luckily for me, my son Elliott was born on January 1st, 2017, which is considered our “off-season”. (Yes, this was [partially] planned, via IVF, but we could save this topic for another day; maybe I’ll call it ‘Sorry Bride, my Baby is being Transfer the Day of your Wedding!’)

What’s interesting about January, is that although it is considered “off-season”, it does happen to be the BUSIEST time for inquires, emails, and contracts. With that being said, I prepared myself for shit to hit the fan – and it sure did! I was sending out emails from the hospital bed, and contracts were emailed out the day after we got home from the hospital!

I was responding to emails in the middle of the night, while I was nursing Elliott and sending them to the draft box. I’d look over them in the afternoon when I wasn’t so delusional and then sent them out. This saved me time during the day so that when he was sleeping, I could get some rest too. Sure, I didn’t get to emails within five hours anymore, but they were still within a 24-48 hour timeframe from initial inquires.

I came to terms a long time ago– a business won’t run itself, and it sure won’t wait for maternity leave to be over. In our industry, we don’t have a nine – five, clock-in, clock-out job. It truly is a 24/7 job, and I recognized this from day one.

I did however decide to take 12 FULL weeks off from weddings, trials, and simply seeing any clients. It wasn’t easy, but it was what I needed for me and my family.

Running a business felt much harder in the beginning as a first-time-Mom. Not only was I learning how to be a Mom, but I was so incredibly sleep deprived and EXHAUSTED.

So, how did I survive being a Mombie? 

I learned how to ask for help from family, lean on my incredible husband more than ever, and most importantly, not put too much pressure on myself. Being a Mom was and will forever be my number one priority, and favorite job.

Want to know my biggest secret as a Momma

M U L T I T A S K I N G and P R I O R I T I Z I N G

And not just THINKING I am doing it, but actually making lists and game-planning what my office days and hours would be. Organizing what family and dinner plans consist of. And of course, what my “me-time” looks like. Including “me-time” is needed for everyone! You want to be a better person? Business owner? Momma? Create YOU time.

I learned this very quickly and early on.. I have very little time these days to BS on social media and watch TV. All of which I am perfectly fine with! I now spend my time so much more efficiently and get many more things done, knowing how limited my time is.

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t watch at least one trashy reality show every once in a while. Sometimes you just need your brain to stop thinking!

Time is extremely precious and important to me. I don’t have all the time in the world to work anymore, nor do I have the ability to turn back time and enjoy Elliott just a little longer and be more present. Time is too precious to spend it on things that truly don’t make you a better person, Momma, and Entrepreneur.

By the time El was about 3.5 months, I got back into working weddings. Going back to work was super tough, especially while still nursing. Often times, my mind was in an entire different place.

Part-time daycare for a few days a week was really helpful so I could focus on work. During the weekends, my husband was home.

I give SO much credit to my husband who is a close enough male version of myself. He’s always been my biggest fan, and continues to encourage every step of every new venture that life throws our way.

Elliott is a dream! I know every Mom thinks this, but he really is! Being a Mom has truly changed my life. Changed my life well beyond limited date nights, early bedtimes, and often looking like a hot-mess! He is my constant reminder of the drive, passion, and ambition that exists in me.

As a matter of fact, he has inspired Success YOU. Because of him, I have wanted to continue to give, care, and nurture to others; professionals in the bridal hair and makeup industry need me. My need for others = fulfillment.

Life gets CRAZY at times, believe me! But I am crazy about life, so I am just where I was always meant be.