Pick My Brain

How does this call work?
This is exactly what it sounds like– pick my brain! I am a wealth of knowledge and I want to share it ALL with you. This is one, one-hour phone/video call (whatever you prefer) where we tackle a specific challenge that you are currently struggling with in your biz. We agree on a prearranged day & time that works for us.

Who would this benefit?
This would benefit ANY creative professional, specifically in the bridal hair & makeup business. Whether you are an owner, manage a team, a one-woman show, or EVEN just getting your feet wet in this industry. This is for those that are currently going through a SPECIFIC challenge and feeling lost, need some direction, steps, and some insight & clarity. Do you need answers, directions, reassurance, and clarity based on a specific topic in your biz? This is for YOU! It can be any specific topic you want!! Example:

* Are you at a crossroads?
* Are you not sure how to set client boundaries?
* Are you unsure how to handle member/client scenarios/situations?
* Are you not sure when to let things “slide” and when you need to be compensated for your time?
* Are you struggling with feeling confident, which ultimately bleeds into each aspect of your biz & personal life?
* Are you not sure where it’s best to invest your time and funds?
* Are you not sure how to make this a full time career and need some insight on the industry?
-these are not limited to any other biz challenges 

What can I expect?
This one-hour phone call is dissecting your challenge, weighing out your options (well, because I am practical) and offering you steps to jump over your particular hurdle. If I feel like your hurdle would benefit from a worksheet, cheat sheet, or template, this will be included in your call!! YES! AND!! If you are too busy to jot down notes, I GOT YOU. Our phone call will be followed up with an email of our discussion and implementations.

Who would invest in this?
This offering is for those that are serious about their business, career and life. It is for those that are not quite ready to invest in the full 4-6 week coaching program, but truly need assistance in their business structure and approach. OR for those that are like, “who the heck are you!?” and feeling skeptical about me and my personal business background & success in which I have created, and tested. 

So, how much is this dreamy phone call?
If you are a previous Coaching Client of mine, you know how much I love and adore you! So much so, that you, my love, get an exclusive price of $150

If you have not yet taken advantage of my coaching program, no worries! This offering is $250

Questioning the quality & value? Just remember– the investment within you and your biz will bring you more money! Think about it this way– how many heads or faces do you need to touch to make your money back? AND how much more money will you make when you tackle your challenge, head on, and know how to prevent it for the future.